cnc plazminio pjovimo cnc pjovimo staklės su nešiojama ašimi nešiojamo cnc plazminio pjovimo staklėmis

Greita išsami informacija

Būklė: Nauja
Voltage: 380V 220V optional
Nominali galia: 8,5 kW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1820*3000*1550mm
Svoris: 1100kg
Sertifikavimas: CE FDA
Warranty: 2 years
Teikiamos garantinio aptarnavimo paslaugos: inžinieriai gali aptarnauti mašinas užsienyje
Produkto pavadinimas: nešiojamas CNC plazminės pjovimo staklės
color: red, blue or as your requirements
Cutting speed: 0-10000mm/min
plasma cutting thickness: 0.5-30mm
plasma power: 63A,100A,160A,200A
Maitinimo dažnis: 50Hz
File transfer mode: USB interface
Material: metal
Control system: STARFIRE control system
Cooling code: water cooling


Techninis parametras

1) ModelisJP1530
3)Plazmos srovėLGK-63A.100A,160A,200A

Hypertherm --45A,65A,85A,105A,125A,200A

4)Pjovimo storis0-30mm (priklauso nuo maitinimo šaltinio)
5)Įėjimo įtampa3 fazė 380V
6)Galia8,5 kW
7)Pjovimo greitis0–12000 mm / min
8)Pakartokite padėties nustatymo tikslumą± 0,05 mm
9)Proceso tikslumas± 0,35 mm
10)Palaikymo programinė įrangadrawing software--CAD

nesting software--Australia fastcam

ctting path file--artcam, type3 etc

11) Bendras svoris1450kgs
12)Packaging size2270*3780*1710mm


Main function

1. Don't need programming
CAD drawing software automatic conversion, the U disk into the cutting machine for cutting processing
2. Dual purpose(selective assembly)
Can according to user needs to go as a way for both plasma and flame cutting.
3. Operation maintenance
With 7 inch VGA LCD, all adopt Chinese characters display (also can according to user requirements,equipped with a variety of languages such as English, Russian version).Display below a reminder of various operating methods, the operator simply training,can be the operations,use very convenient.
4. With slotted automatic compensation function
5. The original trajectory can be rolled back processing operations
6. Can make power response to operation
7. Can assist set and automatic sorting, so as to realize continuous bulk cutting
8. The system has high reliability, fault self-diagnosis
9. Turning can be automatically slow down, to better improve the cutting quality

Machine parts

1.Cutting Head :
1)Including control box for adjusting height,photoelectric switch and limit switch.
2)Adjust the distance automatically as the different materials.
3)Can sensor automatically surface.

2.Special design for plasma head:
1)If you need to cut less than 30mm,general plasma head is suitable.
2)If you need to cut 30mm to 200mm,a flame cutting head can help you.

3.Power supply:
Huayuan plasma power supply(USA Hypertherm for optional),excellently performance,low failure rate, more secure.

4.Plasma Transmission:
X,Y axis all use Taiwan Hiwin dual-straight square rail that make the machine driving smoothly with high-precision.
The machine is transmitted by rack,which ensure high travelling speed and cutting speed.

5.Starfire control system
Manual control,control machine work moving
Input drawing from U disk
English pattern
Fastcam typesetting software can support ARTCAM,Auto-CAD etc. Design software.